What a Day! We are completely blown away.

THANK YOU THANK YOU, to everyone involved!

Everyone that helped move, set-up, serve, PERFORM, and tear down.

Every one that donated time, money and supplies to help

make DanFest 2018 the BEST ONE TO DATE!

From ALL of us on the committee, we thank you!


The DanFest Committee

Officially formed in 2014 by Dan after the purchase of his house and the new DanFest headquarters. He gathered the few friends that shared the dedication and passion for the project that he did. Frequent meetings, outings, cable parties , or just sitting around a fire are always accompanied by a notebook and a list of topics. Being an outside event the weather plays a big factor, The guys in the are always looking for ways to make DanFest efficient, weather safe, and more enjoyable. Have a suggestion? Take our survey

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        To everyone that came out to DanFest 2018, I have something to say to you.......... "Thank You."  This was my 5th year of being involved in putting DanFest together, and I must say, it was a HUGE success!!  What a line up this year!!  I am honored to be apart of this music community, and nothing feels more fulfilling than to assist in an all original concert/festival.  Now, we were struggling to get things going on time, not for a lack of help (can't name ALL who put in time to help out), just behind in preparation.  We already have ideas & plans to make next year's DanFest more stellar!  More lights.  More sound.  More flare.  All around more FUN!!  Not to mention great local & regional acts & bands performing their own original content!!  Shout out to the 30 musicians that made Danfest 18' the best to date!!  Can you believe we had 5 acts booked for next year before this year was even over??  Ha ha!!  That's a testament on what Danfest is becoming.  So proud to be apart of this event.  Now, all that being said ....... SAVE THE DATE!  Saturday August 10th, 2019


Brian "Speedy" Gloskey


The words "Thank You" just don't seem to be enough to express my gratitude to all that came out to DanFest. I have been involved with the project since the 2012 show and this was by far the best one to date. The exceptional talent that I have had the honor to meet and become friends with from so many different genres is truly awesome! We have had people who have never performed in front of an audience before as well as seasoned veterans who traveled several hours to come play on our stage. Each one treating each other with courtesy and respect. Truly a testament to the versatility and camaraderie of our music community. For Instance, In 2016 there was a threat of rain the day of the show, we decided to risk it with the outside stage. Shortly before show time a pop Monsoon hit, soaking everything and blowing over tents etc. We quickly set up a PA in the garage so bands could perform for the crowd. Meanwhile we tore everything down, dried it off and packed it away. I was devastated, Dan was injured, items were damaged and we were ALL soaked. Everything we had set up; Trailers, risers, lights, and speaker towers were reduced to two PA speakers and a powered mixer! Everyone crammed in the garage and under a small tent trying to keep dry. On top of that this was the first year we had a few "New to Us" friends travel 9 hrs to get here and play. I figured that was it, they're gona see this and say Really? This is you're "Festival"? and take off. Ya know what? Everyone had fun! And our New friends were happy to be there and had a blast! That's when it hit me, DanFest is something much bigger than just a cool stage and some flashing lights, It's the people and the music that make it Awesome! Every year there is atleast one thing that gives me goosebumps and I think to myself  "Wow.... this is why we do this". DanFest was full of those moments for me this year. I hope that everyone who has been to DanFest has been moved in some way or has gained a little more respect for the people in the music scene, local or abroad. Thank You Dan! Thank You DanFest 1 group for starting it all! Thank You to all the Bands for preforming! Thank You all for joining us! We look forward to seeing our old friends and making new ones DanFest 2019!!


Robert "The Bobfather" Gloskey

2018 DanFest  all rights reserved