Welcome to the DanFest Alumni page where we answer the question:

"Hey, who was that person that played that one year...."

Below you will find a picture gallery of just about everyone who has played at DanFest. Along with links to help you keep up with what they are currently doing. All these musicians need your support! Download their music, buy some swag, spread the word, GO SEE SHOWS! Help us, help them, keep the music scene alive!

(Because of the amount performers this page is constantly being upgraded. Stop back often and if you notice any mistakes or have questions, please feel free to drop us an e-mail.)

This page is far from complete!

Due to the busy summer and all the work that goes into DanFest, this is as far as the webstaff have gotten on this page. Please keep stopping by and checking for updates and all the current DanFest news!! 

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