We would like to express our sincere gratitude and appreciation to EVERYONE who has performed, attended, and volunteered at DanFest over the years, Because of ALL of you this event has become what it is and has grown so much.

A lot of work goes into DanFest every year just for the love of music and our local scene. We are dedicated to showcasing original music from the area and abroad while being committed  to continue doing everything we can to keep the scene alive with our own personal style.

Thank you from the bottom of our Hearts!

We hope that everyone stays healthy and safe through these difficult times.

SEE YOU FOR DanFest 2021!

August 14th

DanFest is a music festival of sorts for aspiring artists, enthusiasts, and musicians from our local area and abroad. Whether it be the first show for your group or you're a seasoned veteran, DanFest gives everyone the opportunity to play on a large stage with an impressive sound and lighting setup in front of a crowd of your family, friends, and fans; as well as fellow musicians. Held in the country atmosphere of Girard, Pennsylvania... a gorgeous open field view is admired from atop a huge 16'x48' stage. All this in a family oriented gathering with food, games, and a tractor driven country style hayride.


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Matt "Broke" Boland


That's All That I Can Say. DanFest was seriously no joke. Amazing stage, amazing sound, amazing music! These guys do not mess around. Huge shout-out to Dan and the Fellas from Oh No! Its mustard gas. I'm very happy I had the opportunity to play. Thank you guys! For everybody else who wasn't there I strongly strongly strongly recommend you set aside the date for DanFest 2019."

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